📽 2 videos about rust code coverage in VSCode

Useless personal stuff

It's several years now that I feel the need to share what I learn with other people. I gained so much value from free online content that at this point I consider immoral for me to not give back something to the community.

I started my sharing process one year ago with my personal website and it has been great! However, in general I prefer videos to text, because I can watch them on the go, while I am eating something and so on. Making videos is something I wanted to do for a long time and now finally I declare procrastination over (at the moment, at least 😅).

Code coverage in VSCode

We will use the following three tools:

First video: basics

In the first video I explain the basics that will allow you to display which lines are covered by your tests in VSCode.

Second video: let's automatize the process

I shot the second one after some really helpful feedback by some reddit users. I show how to automatize the process with cargo watch.

Give me feedback!

These are one of my first videos and as you can hear my English is far from perfect, but I'm trying to improve. Please give me feedback regarding any aspect of these videos that you think I can improve.

Anyway, I was very happy to receive users feedback after my first video: it looks like sharing what you know is a really good way to learn what you don't. 😉

I hope my two cents will be useful for someone, bye! 😀