Software engineer interested in the tech stack from microcontrollers to cloud microservices. I enjoy creating fast, reliable and secure Rust applications. By day, I work at Prisma, where I help build the next generation of database tools. By night, I maintain a few open-source projects, such as release-plz, and help other developers learn Rust.

In the first two years of my career, I mainly worked on embedded systems, real-time operating systems (RTOS) and critical software in C and C++. Currently, I am a Rust backend developer, working on Docker microservices, managed by Kubernetes. Rust is my favorite programming language, mainly because of its speed and security guarantees.

I like to write efficient, secure, clean and documented software, by using test driven development (TDD) with a continuous integration environment.

In my free time I like to contribute to open source software, both by maintaining my projects and by working on other repositories.

In 2018 I obtained an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano with the thesis “Realization and performance evaluation of a hybrid UWB/WiFi indoor localization system”.

I collaborated with Politecnico di Milano in the context of two European projects, in which I developed an eclipse plugin (Java) and I realized a website (full stack). I did a HTTP-CoAP Proxy module for the open source project CoAPthon, that is an implementation of Internet of Things protocol CoAP in python.

I did a lot of university projects, such as:

I always code with elegance and simplicity in mind.