RustShip: a new Rust podcast

I’m excited to announce that I started RustShip: a new podcast where I interview other Rust developers to learn from their experiences.

RustShip #1 — Creating successful open-source projects

RustShip episode image

In the first episode, I interviewed Orhun, Arch Linux package maintainer and author of tens of open-source projects used and loved by thousands of people, including myself.

Orhun shared what it’s like maintaining Rust code and his advice on increasing the adoption of our open-source projects.

You can find the full episode on YouTube or your favorite podcast client.

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If you don’t have time to listen to the full episode, here are some clips:

What’s next?

I will record the next episode live on YouTube on August 23, 2023. I will interview Predrag Gruevski about Trustfall and Cargo-semver-checks, two Rust projects he created:

  • Trustfall is a query engine for any combination of data sources, allowing to query files and APIs as if they were databases.
  • Cargo-semver-checks is a cargo plugin that scans Rust crates looking for semver violations. It uses Trustfall and Rustdoc to do its job.

I plan to do at least one episode every month. Follow me on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Mastodon to stay up to date with the latest news and join the next live episodes: I’m always happy to answer questions from the chat during the live stream.