🎙️ Corrode.dev and lychee with Matthias Endler - RustShip 5

RustShip is a podcast where I interview other Rust developers to learn from their experience.

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✏️ In RustShip #5, Matthias Endler walks us through corrode.dev, his Rust consultancy company, and lychee, a fast, async, stream-based link checker written in Rust.

👉 Matthias shares what it’s like being a consultant and advice for developers who want to get into consultancy, especially for the Rust niche.

👉 Lychee is a tool you can run in your CI to check the links of your repositories. We will discover how lychee works and what pitfalls hide behind this task.

You can find the full episode on YouTube or your favorite podcast client.

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If you don’t want to listen to the full episode, here are some clips:

Corrode.dev Rust consulting

What’s next?

I will record the next episode live on YouTube on November 15, 2023 at 19 UTC. I will interview Lisa Passing, a self-employed creative technologist, to talk about how she uses Rust to create art and alt.ctrl games. She will also give advice on how to get started with embedded systems and game development.

Most people think about Rust as an intimidating language. I’m sure hearing Lisa creating art and games with Rust will inspire more developers to learn it!

I record at least one RustShip episode every month. Follow me on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Mastodon to stay up to date with the latest news and join the next live episodes: we are always happy to answer questions from the chat during the live stream.